An Abundant Heart: by TJ Burch

When we are filled with garbage, that is all we know. We don’t even know what health looks like anymore. The only way freedom can come is to first recognize broken areas that the Father needs to heal. Without that, we wander in the wilderness, and our brokenness remains intact–infecting ourselves and those around us.

I was doing research on conditions of the heart that can lead you astray from Jesus and came across this nugget. For some foreknowledge this is in reference to “he who must not be named” coming in when your heart is most vulnerable or broken and infecting it so it doesn’t heal properly. 

The first two sentences are especially impactful. We’ve all had struggles that seem way to intense to resolve. So we check out; we don’t share; we don’t open ourselves up to Gods purest love and compassion. When we do that we allow the world and negativity to consume us. We become so self absorbed that we lose sight. We lose the light of the light house and crash against the rocks.

John 10:10 The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly

As followers, believers, and friends of Jesus these trials will come and go more so than expected. As a team we need to be open about our hearts or they will get infected. Jesus has come to give us life, satan has come to steal our ‘God bent’ hearts so that we may struggle, wonder, and be dismayed.

Our purpose is to spread Gods joy, his nature, his personality so that his love may be in every persons heart. If we are infected because we have not taken time to check our own hearts all we spread is the infection and not the cure.

I challenge us all to look at our hearts. Where’s it wandered off toward? Are you harboring a broken heart from ages ago that hasn’t healed? Maybe a more recent offense? Take whatever it is and Give it to Jesus. He’s a great doctor.

Love you all and its an honor to serve with such uncommon people!


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